SpacePort powers technology solutions for the global Coworking & Smart-office industry
Comprehensive Business Platform
Tailor made for independent Smart-office centers and small chains
SpacePort is an open platform connected to several local, regional and global shared office/meeting room marketplaces, software vendors, online travel agencies allowing to distribute your inventory on the world's leading platforms with hundreds of millions of users.
Worldwide exposure
of your venues/resources and increase visibility – enhance the number of ways for coworking and flexible office seekers and agents to see your venue offers through the marketplace and our distribution partners
B2B and B2C
distribution through our marketplace partnerships and native iOS and Android Apps
Market coverage
SpacePort is an entry door to corporate real estate bookers, corporate travel agents and other distribution platforms
Generate more profit
by getting your inventory and pricing onto the SpacePort CRS you should in turn get more bookings and therefore make more profit
24/7 access to your inventory and full descriptive and multimedia content
Focus on your business
retain clients, build loyal communities, develop services while letting our solutions address technical and integration challenges

SpacePort provides a Centralized Reservation System (CRS), the tool that allows you to load and control the distribution of venue content, rates and availability. This is a browser-based solution so you just need a computer and internet access to start marketing your venue with complete control and flexibility over your pricing and availability. With one simple connection to SpacePort CRS, your venue will be available to be booked and instantly paid by hundreds of thousands of individual and corporate users worldwide searching for a smart office or coworking in their home cities and by inbound travellers.
The SpacePort CRS allows you to load your venue inventory of content, and to control the distribution of your rates and availability. With this single solution:
We will BUILD your property for you
We will TRAIN you on the tools possibilities and the industry best practices
You will be able to MODIFY your venue/site property information at any time
You will be able to LOAD various resource types (desks, private offices, meeting rooms) and rates
You will be able to assign INVENTORY to each rateplan
You will be able to select which RATE should be available to your customers
You have full CONTROL and complete flexibility and can make real time rate and availability updates based on market demand
In addition, the tool does not require complicated or expensive hardware set up. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can be up and running in NO TIME.
SpacePort API
SpacePort provides a comprehensive API suite allowing seamless integration of smart-office or coworking venue's own resource management systems to SpacePort CRS and exposing their resources to the wide range of global distribution providers

SpacePort API is a fully documented open API. SpacePort team will stand by and support your tech team to ensure quick onboarding and smooth integration.

    "id": 10,
    "name": "Location Name",
    "description": "Location Description",
    "description_short": "",
    "address": "Malyy Nikolopeskovskiy Pereulok 6",
    "address_full": "Малый Николопесковский переулок. д. 6",
    "address_full_en": "Malyy Nikolopeskovskiy Pereulok 6",
    "site": null,
    "cover": null,
    "images": [],
    "coworking_id": 9,
    "user_id": 1,
    "city_id": 1,
    "lat": 55.75222,
    "lon": 37.61556,
    "status": 1,
    "phone": "+79123456789",
    "email": "",
    "facilities": [],
    "social_networks": {
      "instagram": {
        "url": ""
    "business_hours": [
        "isActive": true,
        "timeFrom": "10:00",
        "timeTill": "22:00",
        "index": 0
    "min_booking_time": 3600,
    "booking_step": 3600,
    "resident_all_day_available": false,
    "cancel_booking_timeout": 3600,
    "cancel_tariff_timeout": 43200,
    "use_calendar_month": false,
    "rating": 8
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